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  • How do I know if my shingles need rejuvenation?
    Typically, shingles that are five to ten years old start to show signs of aging, granular loss and could use rejuvenation with the Roof Rejuvenate product before they start to curl up and become brittle. Shingles that are curled up at the edges, have significant granule loss or other damage may disqualify a roof for the rejuvenation process.
  • Is Roof Rejuvenate safe?
    Roof Rejuvenate offers their dealers and customers their USDA Certified BioBased Product 90%, with natural food-grade oils. It is safe in small quantities, can be washed off with soap and water, but like water in a flood, it's not 100% safe but is safe around pets, plants and people.
  • How much does it cost?
    Shingle rejuvenation costs on average around 15% of the cost of replacement. The average cost of roof replacement in 2020 was $10,000 compared to only $1,500 to rejuvenate. A certified Roof Rejuvenate dealer will asses your roofs condition and qualify it for the rejuvenation process. Based on the size, pitch, access and condition of the roof an estimate will be provided.
  • What if I have solar or may get it soon?
    By rejuvenating your shingles you can ensure a minimum of 5 years past the expected life of the shingles. (Example: a ten year old shingle may have 5-8 years left, by rejuvenating the shingle you can extend that time by an additional 5 years.) That being said, any reputable solar company won't install on a roof that is failing. Rejuvenation gives the homeowner and the solar company another option and a longer window without having to replace the shingles.
  • What’s the difference between this and soft washing with SH?
    Shingle rejuvenation restores aging asphalt shingles by replenishing essential oils and materials, preventing issues like cracking and granule loss. Soft washing with sodium hypochlorite involves using a bleach-based solution to remove organic stains like algae and moss, enhancing the roof's appearance without damaging the shingles. Shingle rejuvenation focuses on shingle health, while soft washing targets cosmetic issues, making each method suitable for specific roof maintenance needs.
  • A roofer told me that rejuvenators would likely void the original shingle manufacturer warranty. Is that true?
    It’s not true. Our product is not a sealant or coating that creates an external barrier. It soaks into the shingle and replaces what’s been lost. If a roof is over 10 years old, the shingle warranty may as well not exist. Most shingle manufacturers warranties no longer cover labor after 10 years. Which means, if you file a claim for defective material, all you’re going to get is some prorated % of the material costs. You would still have to pay out of pocket for the labor which is most of the cost. Shingle warranties are terribly misunderstood by homeowners and terribly overvalued.
  • What does the warranty cover?
    The warranty is covered by the dealership spraying the roof. Roof Rejuvenate guarantees flexibility and better granular adhesion making the shingles last at least 5 to 10 years longer past the expected lifetime of the shingles. Some owners want to stop the aging process on older shingles, so depending on how old they are we may not be able to warranty a shingle that is starting to show signs of extreme aging, like when the shingles are starting to curl up. The warranty is transferable to the next homeowner.
  • Does shingle rejuvenation change the color of the shingles?
    Yes, the color of the shingles will darken, similar to what it was like when new. Initially the change can be seen immediately after the initial process is completed, this "darkening" will dissipate over the course of a few days and become lighter as the oils makes it's way into the lower layers of the shingles. Within a couple of years, the shingles will start to lighten up as the surface oils begin to oxidize off and the Roof Rejuvenate can be applied again for more years of saturated, functional shingles.
  • Does this help with moss and algae growing on my roof?
    We suggest cleaning the roof first, then rejuvenating your shingles with Roof Rejuvenate. Any moss or algae left will likely be smothered and killed. That said, you can find a ton of evidence in the form of before and after pictures in the gallery showing how the Roof Rejuvenate successfully smothered and killed black streaking and heavy moss off of roofs without a roof cleaning prior to rejuvenation.
  • What will my insurance company say?
    It really depends on the insurance company, most agree if the shingles can be maintained it saves them and homeowners money in the long run. This process resaturates shingles so they are flexible and hold the the little rock granule in place. Any inspector would see a rejuvenated shingle and see that it performs like new, its holding the rock granule in place, is flexible and not curling up at the edges.
  • What's "green" about Roof Rejuvenate?
    The Roof Rejuvenate product is a USDA Certified 90% bio-based product. The "green" also refers to the nearly 11 million tons of asphalt shingles that make their way into landfills every year and how shingle rejuvenation extends the life of asphalt shingles, keeping shingles on roofs and out of the landfills for longer. The longer we can use less recyclable materials the better it is for the environment.
  • What about home owners insurance issues in Florida? Serious question here.
    If your roof is a candidate for rejuvenation, our Authorized dealers will provide a roof certification from an independent state-licensed roofing inspector that all insurance carriers here in Florida are required to accept. With this certification, your insurance carrier cannot deny you coverage based on roof age or make you replace your roof. In short, Fortunately in Florida and several other states an inspection report from a certified roofing inspector indicating 5+ years of life protects a homeowner from having to replace their roof in order to keep their coverage.
  • Do you have to clean the roof first?
    Our rejuvenator works by penetrating the surface of the shingle, targeting live growth and effectively eliminating it, even reaching the lower tabs. This eradication of organic growth, coupled with the replenishment of essential oils in the shingle, significantly inhibits mold regrowth. The result is a roof with a consistent, darker appearance akin to its new state. While soft washing, or roof cleaning, offers immediate curb appeal, it involves harsh chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, which can further degrade the shingle over time. Our aim is to inform homeowners that they have alternative options. By opting for shingle maintenance and rejuvenation, they not only extend the longevity of their shingles but also enhance the overall appearance of their roof.
  • Whats the difference between Roof Rejuvenate and other rejuvenators on the market?
    Roof Rejuvenate stands out from the crowd by not relying on soy methyl esters, industrial-grade solvents often used in similar products. Instead, our unique technology operates on a molecular level, targeting the very foundation of your shingles. By restoring the asphalt base within the lower tab of each shingle, we ensure comprehensive rejuvenation without compromising on quality or resorting to harsh chemicals.
  • Is this a franchise?
    We are not a franchise, we set up authorized dealers with protected areas (250K population) and supply them product with no additional fees or requirements.
  • How much is the initial investment?
    Minimum investment for a dealership is less than $16,000 USD, that includes a protected area of 250,000 people, marketing content and your first tote which covers approximately 90,000 square feet.
  • How do I inquire about becoming a dealer and adding this product to my business?
    Simply give us a call or fill out the form, then we can provide you with more information about becoming an authorized dealer.
  • Is there a yearly tote requirement?
    The yearly tote requirement is one tote per year, per territory.
  • How much for the initial investment?
    Minimum investment for a dealership is less than $16,000 USD, that includes a protected area of 250,000 people, basic spray equipment and your first tote which covers approximately 100,000 square feet.
  • Is this product patented?
    No and no such patent exists. The Roof Rejuvenate product was formulated from a patented asphalt roadway rejuvenator; that was used for roadways and parking lots.
  • How does branding work?
    We don’t require you to brand as Roof Rejuvenate, you can keep your existing business name or make a new one. Wrapping trucks and trailers is suggested but not a requirement. Most dealers will keep or use their own original name but use "Authorized Roof Rejuvenate Dealer" or "Powered by Roof Rejuvenate" logos and decals.
  • Any help with digital marketing?
    We help supplement our dealers marketing efforts with visual content in the form of HD stock footage reels of the application process, drone footage and graphics.
  • How long does it take to receive the product once I sign up?
    Once we receive your signed agreement and the funds received, it historically takes 1-2 weeks to receive your tote and pump systems.
  • Are your totes filled with water like other companies?
    No, we are proud to be shipping our dealers 99% oil concentrated product and the dealer will dilute the product with water for application. This ensures our dealers are buying concentrated product.
  • I'm a roofer and I feel threatened by the rise of this service and product.
    Roofers may feel threatened by the rise of asphalt shingle rejuvenation because it poses a potential threat to their traditional business model of roof replacement. However, by offering asphalt shingle rejuvenation as an additional service, roofers can tap into a new market of customers who may not yet need a full roof replacement, but still require maintenance to extend the lifespan of their roofs. This can also be a cost-effective solution for homeowners, as rejuvenation is often less expensive than full roof replacement. Additionally, offering rejuvenation services can provide an additional stream of revenue for roofers with relatively low overhead costs. Ultimately, embracing the benefits of asphalt shingle rejuvenation can not only benefit customers, but also help roofers grow and expand their businesses.
  • Whats the difference between Roof Rejuvenate and other products?
    Roof Rejuvenate started in 2018 in Florida and now has thousands of roofs rejuvenated together with the dealer network. Our product is rigorously and continually lab tested for flexibility, granular adhesion, fire retardancy, and weathering testing to see exactly how long it's expected to actually last.
  • Do I need to be in the home service industry to become a dealer?
    It is suggested that you have an existing business. Most of our dealers are in roofing, power washing/soft washing, roof repair, etc businesses with an existing customer base and years of experience in the roofing/soft washing industry but it is not a requirement.
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